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Video Conference with Dr. Ann Roland

1. A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time with Dr. Ann Roland you will select the button below entitled, "Join Session Now".

2. After a few seconds, the Doxy.Me screen will appear and a box in the middle asking you to enter your name.  Enter your name, then press the button that says "Check In" . At this time you will be in the "Waiting Room" for the call.  As you wait, look in the lower left-hand side of the screen and you will see a box like this                             Press this button to begin a process to make sure that your sound and video will work optimally for your session. After you do this I will then be able to see that you are ready for the session.  I will then connect to you for our session. 

Although this video conferencing site is HIPPA compliant and secure, you will need to be in a private enough location where you also have wifi access. When you are ready, press the button below to begin.

Pre-call Test
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