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Psychological Evaluation

The following is a brief description of the process of providing an individually designed and effective evaluation. In addition to  gaining an accurate understanding of what is contributing to your current complications and difficulties, it is also very important to gain an understanding of your unique potential strengths and assets, as these are frequently underutilized.  Following your assessment, your results will be interpreted, and an informative report will be written which will include insights and recommendations for your present concern.  

The complete assessment process

will usually follow this sequential protocol:


Step 1:   Initial clinical interview with Dr. Roland in the office

Step 2:  The administration of individually selected tests designed to find solutions to your current concern

Step 3:  Feedback session to completely discuss your results and recommendations.

Step 4:  A report will be written with your unique issue in mind.

Step 5:  If needed, Dr. Roland can consult with other professionals at your request. 

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